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How to Choose the Perfect Clay Curry Pot

How to Choose the Perfect Clay Curry Pot

From health benefits to retaining food’s moisture and giving it a natural taste, there are many reasons to choose a clay curry pot. But how to find the perfect one? Here are the things to keep in mind.  

 Quality of the clay 

 As with any product, the quality of the raw material determines the quality of a clay curry pot too. Some of the finest clay is found close to water bodies and agricultural fields. This clay is especially rich in minerals useful for the human body. The pots made with it are healthier for that same reason. Before buying, get information from the maker about the clay a pot is made with. 


 An unseasoned clay pot would leave a slightly muddy taste in your mouth if you eat food cooked in it. Also, seasoning helps the pot withstand flames better and increases its longevity. You can season a clay pot at home. But the process takes up to two days and can be cumbersome. Also, seasoning requires spaces with ample sunlight which may not be available in urbane buildings. But the clay curry pots from Mudkart come pre-seasoned, so you can start cooking at the earliest! 


 It is common practice to apply chemicals to glaze pots, to give them a shiny appearance. But many of these chemicals could harm you if they get into the food cooked in the pot. Better get pots devoid of them. 

 The dishes you plan to make the most

 ‘Curry pot’ is used as an umbrella term for a whole range of pots. But certain pots are especially suited for making specific types of dishes. Mudkart’s dal curry pot is an example. Other examples include this fish curry pot and also its designer variant

 Size of the pot 

 To begin with, the size of the pot is relevant to the amount of curry you want to prepare. It can also have discernible effects on the taste of a dish: if you are making food for just one person, the moisture and flavour would be retained better if the food is made in a small pot. For larger volumes of food, the texture and overall quality would be better with a big pot. 

 Cooking technique 

 Some curry pots are especially suited for certain cooking techniques. For instance, to prepare kadai dishes, it would be a good idea to get one meant for it- like this kadai curry pot from Mudkart. 

 Whether you are a vegetarian or not, an occasional cook or cook every day, curry pots from Mudkart will enhance the quality of your preparations. They are made without chemicals, using high quality clay sourced from Kerala’s Palakkad region. Hand-crafted by traditional artisans, their rustic charm delights the eyes as well. 

 Author: Dhinoj Dings

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