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The Birth of Mudkart

Mudkart was born out of Reshma’s vision to support earthenware makers and other village artisans across India. This initiative aims to weave together health and sustainability, one earthen pot at a time. By promoting the use of earthen pots, Mudkart helps preserve traditional craftsmanship, supports local artisans, and encourages a healthier way of cooking.

Our Vision and Mission

Health Benefits: To reintroduce the natural health benefits of cooking with earthen pots to modern kitchens.

Sustainability and Support: To provide much-needed support to artisans, ensuring their skills are valued and preserved for future generations.

Behind The Brands

We are a female-founded, 100% woman-led team of passionate artisans who cherish innovation, curiosity, and fearless creativity in every piece we create.

We take immense pride in our craft, purposefully weaving care into the clay and contours of our pottery. Though small, our team is a powerhouse of talent, committed to offering you exceptional designs that transport you with their beauty and craftsmanship.



The Head Mudsmith


Ecommerce and Sales Executive

The Mudpot 'Pitcher'



The Logistics Master


Store Incharge and Product Handling

The Store Stylist


Packing and Delivery

Click-to-ship Captain


Paid Marketing Expert

The Click-whisperer

Pranjali Garg

Social Media Manager

The Content Captain


Video Editor

The Visual Storyteller


Shopify/Web Developer

The Website Weaver

We’re committing to create the change we want to see in the world