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Terracotta Clay Pots vs. Ceramic Pots: Which is Better for Your Plants?

Terracotta Clay Pots vs. Ceramic Pots: Which is Better for Your Plants?

    • By Dhinoj Dings
      •  Jun 08, 2023

Terracotta Clay Pots vs. Ceramic Pots: Which is Better for Your Plants?
While choosing pots for plants, people usually go by appearance more than anything else. But for the plant’s health, you should consider the functional aspects as well. Both ceramic and terracotta pots have their own properties. Let’s look at them now.  

Ceramic pots
Ceramic is any substance that is permanently altered with heating. Examples include silicon carbide and zirconium oxide. The ceramic pots used for planting are typically made of clay. They have a hardened plastic-like look with a glazed finish. Their appearance fits well with modern architectural styles, making them popular. But they are not porous and inhibit free air flow through the soil in which a plant stands. They do retain more water. But too much water may cause the root of some plants to rot. Another downside is that dirt can easily tarnish their appearance. So, you would need to clean them from time to time. 

 Terracotta pots 
Terracotta pots are created by firing clay moulds inside a kiln at high temperatures. They retain the porous nature of clay. The pores allow free passage of air; this promotes healthy growth of plants. The pores also make it easy for excess water to drain out. Terracotta also has a decisively earthy appearance. When the clay is fired in a kiln, the iron oxide in the clay burns well, giving the terracotta a dark red hue. The colour makes it a nice fit for outdoor gardens, from a purely visual perspective. It is also sturdy without being brittle. 

So, what’s the verdict? 
`Ceramic pots have an appealing visual flourish and are suitable for certain plants- especially ones which drink up a lot of water from the soil. But for many plants, terracotta pots are a healthier option due to their porous nature. Also, their rustic charm notches up the elegance of any space where they are placed. Due to such factors, terracotta pots are widely considered as a better option. 

Mudkart’s terracotta planters come in different shapes, sizes and designs, to suit various spaces. They are hand-crafted from clay without any added artificial chemicals. Durable and beautiful, they are great choices for any garden.

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