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7 great benefits of using clay bottles

7 great benefits of using clay bottles 

 When you think of bottles to store water, a clay bottle may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But there are some great reasons why you should choose this traditional bottle instead of others. Here are seven key benefits of clay bottles. 

1. Keeps water naturally cool 

 Clay is porous in nature. This helps the water stored in a clay bottle to cool down naturally.

2. Improves digestion

 Clay is a rich source of alkali, and water stored in a clay bottle gets enriched with the same. This helps balance the pH level of water, which means the water wouldn’t be harmfully acidic for you. Problems like a bloated stomach and indigestion could reduce as a result of drinking this water. 

 3. Shields against heat stroke 

Heat strokes are becoming more common in the increasingly hot Indian summers. This makes drinking water stored in clay bottles even more important. Clay contains many minerals useful to the human body. The water you store in a clay bottle gets infused with the same. This helps keep the glucose level balanced in your body, which is important to protect yourself from heat strokes. 

 4. Soothing for your throat 

While refrigerators help cool water, the water from a fridge is rarely good for your throat. Continuously drinking such water can lead to ailments like chest cold, as many of us know from experience. You can avoid such issues with the naturally cold water that you get from a clay bottle. It’s soothing to your throat even as it hydrates you. 

 5.No toxic chemicals like in many plastic bottles 

Many households use plastic bottles to store water. However, the plastic variants that are used to make many of these bottles contain chemicals that are harmful to you. These chemicals can make their way to your body through the water stored in the bottles. The consequences could range from annoying to highly dangerous. With clay bottles, you don’t need to worry about harm from toxic chemicals. 


With the runaway effects of global warming, the world is losing its precious ecosystem. A solution requires sensible political decisions. But one small yet meaningful change we can make in our individual lives is to adopt more eco-friendly products. Clay is among the most environmentally friendly objects as it is the earth itself. For that reason, it forms a great alternative to plastic bottles which end up harming nature. 

 7.Rustic elegance 

 A clay water bottle has a charm all its own. It is a handcrafted object of rustic beauty which stands out in any space where it is used, for all the right reasons!

 Bonus benefit with a Mudkart product- your purchase supports artisans 

Pottery is a craft that requires skill and creativity in equal measure. Yet, pottery is a waning craft in the subcontinent. Products from Mudkart are sourced from traditional artisans in Kerala. And every time you purchase a Mudkart product, you would be supporting them. 

Mudkart has an earthen clay water bottle for you that is ideal to store water, fruit juices or wine. Hit the link below to learn more. 

  Terracotta/clay bottles

P.S: The content provided here is meant only for general information, and should not be considered as medical advice.

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