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5 benefits of cooking with claypot

1.Clay pots help retain the nutrients in the food

They have a  porous nature, which helps heat to flow around evenly while cooking. This makes the food even healthier compared with the same prepared in most other types of utensils. 

2.It’s good for your heart 

A major reason for weight gain- and heart complications from it- is the use of excess cooking oil. But thankfully, you need only very little oil to cook food in clay pots. 

3.It makes food more flavorsome

Flavors tend to feel more intense in foods prepared using claypots as opposed to others. This makes your meals even more enjoyable. 

4.You get useful minerals 

A host of minerals including phosphorus, iron and magnesium are part of the composition of clay pots. So, food cooked with it will get infused with useful minerals beneficial for your health. 


Last but not the least, clay pots are eco-friendly products which are completely biodegradable. Using them is a small yet meaningful way to help save the environment for the future.

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